Established 1985

masters of hand-forged

ironwork and metal fabrication

Tel: 01947 895562

Email: • Forge Garage, Egton, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 1TZ

Your imagination is the only limit to our creativity. Godbold’s master smiths can create stunning pieces, whether it be for a gift or a statement piece to add to your home or office.

Based on your brief we can design and build a unique hand-made item that will bring a lifetime of joy.

A custom piece can be as big and bold as a house or as tiny and cute as a mouse.

your ideas brought to life

We have outlined the steps in bringing an idea to life, it really can just be as simple as picking up the phone and having a chat with us to get the ball rolling.

Working from your brief we will create a design, drawings and samples, giving you the first taste of how your commission will look.

Work will begin in our Egton workshops. You are welcome to come and visit to see the work in  progress.

All of our work is inspected to ensure the quality is such that you would expect from our highly trained team of smiths and fabricators.

We offer a range of finishes; galvanizing, painting, waxing, gilding, powder coating and lacquering, most processes undertaken in-house.

We have a fleet of vehicles available for nationwide delivery to ensure your work arrives in perfect condition.

From the largest sculpture to the smallest bracket our teams of mobile fitters are fully equipped to handle all installations.

Looked after properly your commission will last a lifetime, and you will have endless hours of enjoyment interacting with your piece.

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